The International Journal of Body, Mind and Culture (IJBMC) is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary medical journal and a fully “online first” publication focused on interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and conceptual research. The researches should focus on paradigmatic shift and/or humanizing medical practice. All interdisciplinary researches, such as social sciences (e.g., sociology, anthropology, and psychology), humanities (e.g., literature, religion, history, and philosophy), and arts (e.g., music and cinema), which have an impact on medical education and practice, are acceptable. The IJBMC team is based mainly in Germany and Iran, although we also have editors elsewhere in Europe and in the US. This journal is published under the supervision of Danesh-e Tandorosti Institute, Psychosomatic Department of Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg in Germany, and Psychosomatic Research center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.