Bioenergy economy: A methodological study on bio-energy-based approaches

Farzad Goli, MD. Senior registered hypnotherapist certified practitioner, and teacher of health psychology, founder of bioenergy economy.

Foreword by prof. Michael Wirsching and Carl Eduard Scheidt

published by Xlibris in 2010

This book is a theorizing and methodological study on bioenergy-based therapies.This study constitutes a new approach to health and illness on the premise of consciousness-information-energy-matter interactions and transformations, and some new concepts such as Qidynamics (physical effects of biofields) and Qikinetics (biopsychosocial responses to biofields) are introduced for the first time.

Bioenergy economy is an integrated health theory, which draws on several healing systems and organizes them in a unitarian model.

The theoretical challenge to strive for a unifying framework for such various and diverging concepts and ideas makes the ‘Bioenergy Economy’ a unique and extremely stimulating reading. (from foreword)

Psychosomatic medicime: An international primer for the primary care setting

Kurt Fritzscge, Susan H, McDaniel, Michael Wirsching (Eds.)

Published by Springer in 2014

Dr. Farzad Goli and Dr. Hamidreza Afshar Zanjani (experts of the instirute) incorporated as the author of the 5 chapters of the book with other authors including

Traditional medicine and psychosomatic medicine

Dpctor-Patient Communication

Biosemiotic medicine: Healing in the world of medicine

Farzad Goli (Ed.)

Published by Springer in 2016

This book is interpretation of pharmaceutical, surgical, and psychotherapeutic interventions based on a univalent metalanguage; biosemiotics. it proposes that a metalanguage for the physical, mental, social, and cultural aspects of health and medicine could bring all parts and aspects of human life together and thus shape a picture of the human being as a whole, made up of the heterogeneous images of the vast variety of sciences and technologies in medicine discourse. The book adopts a biosemiotic clinical model of thinking, because, similar to the ancient principle of alchemy, tam ethice quam physice, everything in this model is physical as much as it is mental. Signs in the forms of vibrations, molecules, cells, words, images, reflections, and rites conform cultural, mental, physical, and social phenomena. The book decodes healing, deals with the health, illness and therapy by emphasizing the first-person experience as well as objective events. It allows readers to follow the energy-information through and between embodies minds and to see how they form physiological functions such as our emotions and narratives.