Psychosomatic Clinic

  • Farzad Goli, MD, fellowship in psychosomatic medicine
  • Mahboubeh Farzanegan, MD, fellowship in psychosomatic medicine
  • Afsoun Derakhshan Jan, PhD, General Psychology
  • Mina Alavi, PhD, Family Psychology
  • Hasan Shahiun Badi, MD, fellowship in psychosomatic medicine

Dehkadeh Salamat

Dehkadeh Salamat is a professional residential canter for life style improvement and natural medicine. The services are presented for healthy people who seek for higher life quality or suffer from stress and psychosomatic disorders as well as for patients who suffer from chronic diseases and need for activation of inherent healing mechanisms and life skill moderation. The services are presented based on evolutionary processes of salutogenesis rather on those of pathogenesis ; that is, individuals – healthy or patient –can reach higher health regardless of where in the health continuum they stand.

Telemedicine (Behi website)

Behi website is a software for sustainable health development for patients who suffer from chronic diseases, especially those need psychosomatic services, and for healthy people who seek for improvement of their quality of life. This website is the first systemic health model website and a well-being club. A health profile is assigned for each member and the needed programs for continuous health improvement and health information management are presented to the individuals based on their well-being condition. The software is developed based on a health-oriented and disease-based programs to heighten individuals’ biopsychosocial health, educate them, heighten their quality of life, and present psychosomatic interventions to improve their chronic illnesses. Management of health condition is performed online with a very low fee for the members. Moreover, since the shortage of academic education on this model, formal online national and international educational programs are presented in this website. Some of the activities of the software are as follows:

  1. Creating a health profile for each patient
  2. Health-oriented programs
  3. Disease-based systemic programs
  4. Counseling programs and tele-medicine
  5. Online comprehensive programs for psychosomatic education
  6. Professional education of systemic health model for physicians and psychologists
  7. Therapists’ health programs (for physicians and psychologists)