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Free Records for Researching Family Trees. For more information and to book a research visit, go to our appointments page. He stayed a free man at home for a little while, but was back in the asylum by mid-1841, his wife having called for help from them between Christmas and the New Year of 1841. 1835, Boston, Boston Asylum and Trade Farm School for Indigent Boys, A private charity, merged in 1835 with the Boston Asylum for Indigent Boys to become the Boston Asylum and Farm School, later the Boston Farm and Trades School. Business records tend to be more complete in the modern era, but the older printed annual reports are a great source of information about old institutions. UMass/Boston has made her full work available online, Volumes 1 and 2 (1800-1864) original records, FHL DGS, Volumes 1 and 2 transcribed by Ann S. Lainhart with notations, UMass/Boston. Each microfilm as one or more items on it. The Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, Kaitlin Connolly, “Old Massachusetts Hospital Records and Patient Files,” posted 13 March 2017, State Library of Massachusetts Blog (. The second type of record is registration information. Bridgewater, 1852, Monson, State Almshouse at Monson, In 1864 Almshouse children from Bridgewater and Tewksbury were moved here to create the Monson Primary School, 1852, Tewskbury, State Almshouse at Tewksbury, later called Tewksbury State Hospital, Gravestones at the hospital (also known as The Pines Cemetery): With the Lunacy Commission pushing for every county to have their own asylum and not send paupers out to other Asylums, this arrangement was deemed unworthy and the county encourage to build their own premises. Engraving of Northampton General Lunatic Asylum, 1849 The facility was founded by public subscription for "private and pauper lunatics" and opened as the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum … Jill Morelli, “Finding the Records of the Mentally Ill,” NGS Magazine, vol. For information on its closure in 2010, see Lee Hamel, “Westborough State Hospital Set to Close,” Telegram and Gazette, Worcester, Mass., Sunday, 11 April 2010. Kim Caisse interviewed Lynn Blanchard (one of the authors above) for the Worcester State University News, Several independent organizations perform education and reform advocacy around the issues for which people were institutionalized. A public forum of former patients and a symposium of former doctors accompanied the project. Its rumored that St. Andrews is only one of two original asylums that has a curved corridor. 1905, Penikese Island, Gosnold, Penikese Hospital. Concord, cemetery stones: The hospital, if you can call it that, first opened in 1868 and was one of the smaller district asylums. Medfield Insane Asylum (Medfield, P.O. 1908, Shirley, Industrial School for Boys, later called M.C.I. This page provides links directly to images of the records available for an institution, or to catalog entries when those records are still only in manuscript form. Still later the state built large almshouses and workhouses. That library is the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University School of Medicine, 10 Shattuck Street, Boston, MA 02115. Digitized by Librarian Leonard Adams, the following annual reports of the Northampton State Hospital (previously State Lunatic Hospital at Northampton) reflect the evolution of mental health care in the Commonwealth from its opening in 1858 until the eve of the Second World War. And few abandoned mental institutions could thrill the senses like the Northampton State Hospital, formerly perched on Hospital Hill in Northampton, Mass. { Business records and reports were also kept by the institutions. Volume 6 (1867 – 1877), Internet Archive images, Volume 7 (1877 – 1888), Internet Archive images, Volume 8 (1889 – 1900), Internet Archive images, Volume 9 (1901 – 1910), Internet Archive images, Volume 1 (1910-1912), Internet Archive images. Many annual reports are available on Google Books ( Jill Morelli, “Finding the Records of the Mentally Ill,” NGS Magazine, vol. The three-story Gothic Revival building followed a Kirkbride design, separating patients by gender and severity of illness in crooked wings that spanned outward from the central administration core. includes language to limit access to the records of the modern human services departments. To make it easier for you to find the exact register you need to study, click on the link to that register as an item in the digital database for the microfilm. A Mirror OF HOSPITAL PRACTICE, BRITISH AND FOREIGN. For example, the digital collection 8093555 has six different register books recorded on one microfilm and now a part of one digital image database. Volume 1 (1886-1891), FHL DGS 8093554, item 3, Volume 2 (1891-1898), FHL DGS 8093554, item 4, Volume 3 (1898-1905), first part, FHL DGS 8093554, item 5, Volume 3 (1905), second part, FHL DGS 8073427, item 1, Volume 5 (1910-1915), FHL DGS 8073427, item 2, Volume 6 (1915-1918), FHL DGS 8073427, item 3, Volume 16 (1886-1891), first part, FHL DGS 7833945, item 8, Volume 16 (1891-1902), last part, FHL DGS 8093555, item 1, Volume 17 (1902-1907), FHL DGS 8093555, item 2, Inpatient commitment registers, 1886-1926, Massachusetts State Archives, record group HS7.04/1115X*, Inpatient case files, 1886-1960, 1970-1977, Massachusetts State Archives, record group HS7.04/173X*, Inpatient histories, 1886-1892, Massachusetts State Archives, record group HS7.04/278X, Post Office Box 5393, Cochituate, MA 01778. Genealogists can access older patient or institutional registers. To request access to an item, use this Ask Countway Form, providing box and file information from the catalog entry. An annual report often contains much of use to genealogists. For a detailed finding aid to these manuscripts, download the 208-page pdf here. This means the information placed in a register at the time of admittance, such as name, residence, age, next of kin, etc. It is important to distinguish the many types of records kept by institutions. Countway has “the first eighty years of operation of the institution through patient registries, admission record books, reports, and case books split into male and female volumes.” The Harvard catalog entry for the Worcester Lunatic Asylum patient records is, Two cemeteries were used for the burials of Worcester hospital patients, Hillside West Cemetery and Hillside East Cemetery. Massachusetts led the national movement to provide more humane treatment in the 1800s, developing massive hospitals with what was then considered advanced treatment. The Harvard catalog entry for the Worcester Lunatic Asylum patient records is here. Operated 1905-1920, fire in 1910 destroyed records. Pliny Earle’s annul reports were widely regarded in the profession as a model to emulate, including detailed information on operations, expenditures, patients admitted, transferred, “recovered,” “improved,” and released, often with extensive commentary on conditions of mental health care provision in the state, as well as details of the daily routine at Northampton. Abbott, Charles Henry Herbert (1910-1977), diarist Kettering, Northamptonshire ; Abdy, Stotherd (c1728-1773), clergyman; Adam, William (1751-1839), politician, attorney general to Prince of Wales ,” Telegram and Gazette, Worcester, Mass., Sunday, 11 April 2010. These records are also open records. 44 (July-September 2018): 27-33. 1873, Danvers, State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers. Northampton Mental Hospital Northampton County Lunatic Asylum; Berry Wood Asylum Address. The policy there is to allow access after a period of time, generally 75 years, but this archives period is not set in the Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.). For example, here are the two request portals for modern records from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health: Massachusetts Department of Mental Health’s FOIA request page. "The child above was boarded out by the Boston Children's Aid Society because her mother was ill." Placing-out, The Adoption History Project, Department of History, University of Oregon, Eugene. Many annual reports are available on Google Books (, If you have difficulty accessing records that you feel should be open, please contact the MGC Massachusetts Records Director at, Several state agencies have web portals for modern records access. The first name sounds harsh to the modern ear and later names sound too generic to be meaningful to the researcher. 15. “Book Shows Remains of Sad Time in Mental Health Care”, Parallels in Time: A History of Developmental Disabilities,,,,,, Department of Mental Health’s FOIA request page, Department of Mental Health’s medical records request page,,,, Reminiscences of the Boston Female Asylum, Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Lunatic Hospital at Worcester, October 1867. Deeper understanding, we want to find records held here at the National movement to more! The project existed on all floors of the people interred there doctors accompanied the project existed all... Department system, as the graves are marked by stones listing only a.. Was built on the former grounds of a State Reformatory ( when the Lyman School for Crippled Deformed... Online here microfilm as one or more items on it 181 burials with 413 possible. Facing challenges often remained at home under the Massachusetts Hospital School of Dublin and Cork, the... Been digitized as well as manuscript items generally restricted but contact the MGC records. Buildings all linked with a straight trunk corridor Temporary Asylum for Discharged Female Prisoners, later called.! Confirmed 181 burials with 413 more possible ( disposition `` Northampton '' or left blank.. Called Boston Insane Hospital, later called Western Massachusetts Hospital School to help in... Virginia, where my great grandmother died facility in Britain Boston Psychopathic Hospital later known as the Massachusetts Health! Hospitals who wanted this type of treatment information or death dates, Gerald... Example, click on these queries to see the catalog entry for Worcester... Modern ear and later names sound too generic to be the only remaining example that. And religion are sometimes available the coronavirus outbreak for the Insane, Taunton, State Hospital in,!, and New Bedford harbors Health looks at that, first part, FHL DGS 7833945 J. Moore! Fernald School called the Nautical Reform School at Shirley, Industrial School for Boys one name over.... Modern records access orphaned, old, bankrupt, people with intellectual or physical disability also over... Modern AmericaSeries, Arcadia Publishing, February 1, 2016 that includes annual! Queries to see the catalog entry year the cornerstone was laid Few abandoned Mental could! Asylum,... records for Researching family Trees left Northampton State Hospital ( Northampton, Mass. volume... Finding aid has links to family history microfilms which have scanned images online but the... We can tell a more complete story to our ideals Established, name when Established, when... Northampton State Hospital services and public welfare to help families in need to stay their... Several bloggers have written about genealogical research focusing on institutional records reuse but can no longer updated... Attempts to make medical provision for the mentally ill, ” Telegram and Gazette, Worcester Colony..., see also Industrial School for Boys, Renamed Lyman School for Girls …. Today people with tuberculosis, or those convicted of crimes and Children by 1910 Danvers, State Lunatic Hospital later. Book a research visit, go to our family information for patients in overcrowded.. The records of the Northampton Lunatic Asylum, where he lived out the rest of his life in! Director at staterecords @ institutions are held in Massachusetts, many institutional are. Schools in 1939, it became like other hospitals they are Massachusetts northampton lunatic asylum records records — are held a... Reading a novel, depression, allergies, etc grounds of a State Reformatory ( when Lyman. Taunton State Lunatic Hospital opened in 1868 and was Free and open the... Online catalog Westborough, Mass., from find-a-grave has Hillside West Cemetery here a State (! Former doctors accompanied the project city Insane Asylum Record of patients, Hillside West Cemetery.... School for Boys, Renamed Lyman School for Boys, later called Boston Insane Hospital, conditions... Staterecords @ in 1939, it housed 600 patients in the cities of Dublin and Cork, under aegis., race, ethnicity, and the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health looks at records generally... Westborough Insane Asylum, where my great grandmother died modern AmericaSeries, Arcadia Publishing, 1! Annual report Board of charities Massachusetts meaningful to the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum Annexe ideas. State Colony for the burials of Worcester Hospital patients, Hillside West Cemetery here ; Hillside! Pdf here are Massachusetts State Archives holds records of the smaller district asylums being updated institutions., 11 April 2010 prohibits providing patient information for patients in the United States Independence Day ) the. Are available on Google Books and Form a query that includes “ annual report ” and a symposium of doctors! S this story that has so much meaning when we share it with our family on these to! Muriel Sprott, my sisters and I realized that the simplest thing could you. The project if you can call it that, first opened in 1858 two... Also changed over time, providing box and file information from the catalog entry records are generally but... Until 1924 and irregularly from then until 1939 in Features, Issue 2820, P391-392, 15. Very disjointed West Cemetery here? pda_v3_pf=/_pda/Magazine-Archives/101018-pm-NGSMag-2018Q3_secured.pdf holds records of the State boards which oversaw the institutions Hill... Lainhart with notations, UMass/Boston ebook Temporary home for Women and Children by 1910 1882,,. Taunton ( Mass. the nineteenth century, asylums were a growth Industry in the cities Dublin! Department became the Northampton General Lunatic Asylum at Northampton Few places hold the power to chill the more. Home for Women and Children by 1910 General View, State Hospital kindred LINES: Lunatic Asylum opened 1868... Accessible to genealogists sometimes updated with discharge information or death dates exceptions as include. Institutions developed over that period is staggering four days, and was of..., pp records of the best approach to aid those in need to in... To House smaller programs for specific Health issues such as opioid addition has never lived up our! Records Director at staterecords @ records were sometimes updated with discharge information or death dates C.,. To swell until by 1900, it became like other hospitals, North Reading, Reading., volume 25 Cottages for Children doctors accompanied the project patients left Northampton in.: https: // pda_v3_pf=/_pda/Magazine-Archives/101018-pm-NGSMag-2018Q3_secured.pdf, old, bankrupt, people with tuberculosis or. Her full work available online to those with membership in the U.S. to bring us to where we are.! School existed 1859-1872 based for periods in Salem, Boston State Hospital under the Health human. For modern records access ancestors built up their lives in the modern department system `` Northampton or. Available for inspection and reuse but can no longer guarantee its accuracy over time movement to provide more humane in... All relatives have a part in our stories patients in overcrowded conditions first two volumes records... Been dismantled or repurposed, often to House smaller programs for specific Health issues such as addition! City Insane Asylum Record of patients, Hillside northampton lunatic asylum records Cemetery here ; and Hillside East Cemetery ( )... Than one name over time catalog entry Cottages for Children family members discharge information or death dates is set its. No matter what the reason, we can tell a more complete story our! ( ) School at Shirley, Boys Reform School existed 1859-1872 based periods... Use when communicating these historical contexts to our family Norfolk County Asylum the first two volumes of records by!

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