Public education


  • Holding mind-body coordination courses in cooperation with Shiraz University in cities of Tehran, Shiraz, and Esfahan in Iran (2001-2004).
  • Holding individual and public transpersonal psychology workshops since 2001 in Iran (cities of Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad), Turkey (cities of Istanbul and Mersin), and Germany (Freiburg).
  • Holding Bioenergy Economy Courses for public in Iran (cities of Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, and Mashhad).
  • Holding RAYIN courses in different cities of Iran. RAYIN is a compound noun made from Persian words RAY /rai/ meaning wisdom and IN /i:n/ meaning what exists here. RAYIN refers to the harmony exists between wisdom and reality. The course consists of 10 subcourses including life rhythm, consciousness rhythm, being rhythm, bliss rhythm, body, work, knowledge, love, and …   


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