Danesh-e Tandorosti is the first institute which started publishing translated and affiliated books on psychosomatic medicine under the name of “Dehkadeh Salamat book series” from 2003. As the need for a specialized publication in this area was felt, DTI established Dehkadeh Salamat publication. The books are published cooperatively with Psychosomatic Research Center of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Some of the published books are as follow:

Energetic approaches to health; Methodological & clinical bases of Reiki

An excerpt from the book

In recent years, you find few people who have not directly or indirectly experienced or at least have not heard about energy healing. However, unfortunately neither health experts nor people do have a definite explanation or a clear position towards it.

The present book is the first written book published in Iran which explores scientific and clinical basis of bioenergy healing and aims at answering questions asked by experts, researchers, and those interested in the subject.

In addition to explaining physical and physiological basis of bioenergy fields, philosophical, anthropological, and psychological aspects of energetic approaches are explained in the present book.

This research is a step to integrate this popular and effective approach of healing and health into the delivery health system.